A Letter From Heaven

Hi. Today, it’s going to be a story of a 10-year-old girl named Dechen. She is no longer with us. She left us all. She was mercilessly raped and brutally murdered. She had no chance to leave a word behind. However, I got a letter. It’s her letter from heaven. I got it down for you all to know how she struggled. Please share. You all got to read her letter.


Hello everyone. I am Dechen. I am just 10 years old. I thought I would never be able to share my story with you all. Not even to my parents. I have been hiding them inside and it is killing me even after reaching here in heaven. There is no peace inside my heart. I feel suffocated and tortured. My heart still fears a lot. My cardiac cells still shrink in agony. My eyes get teary so soon. The heartbeats are rapid with traumatic flashbacks spinning around my head even to this day. It is scary.

I do not have the courage to speak it out. But today, I think I should. I think I should tell my story to the world. The world is not safe anymore. It is getting scarier each passing day. Looking around and seeing more victims like myself, I feel miserable and so vulnerable again up here. It’s crazy how people on earth can be so ruthless and heartless at times.

It was during one of the weekdays. As usual, I was just walking home from school in the evening. My friends left early on that day. I got late because it was my cleaning turn and I had to stay back as per the classroom cleaning routine. After cleaning, my other friends left from a different route because they stayed in a different place. I had to walk home all by myself. It was not something unusual. So, I didn’t mind at all. Carrying my backpack and a small pink tiffin, I slowly walked home. The weight of my heavy bag made me feel more exhausted. My hair became a message with sweat dripping down from my forehead. Phew.

As I was walking, I suddenly came across a man. His face looked familiar as I remembered seeing him inside the shop near the highway quite often. I remembered my mom talking to him once as well but I was not really sure about it. Just a vague image of him entered my mind. On that day, he wore a black hood and blue jeans. His hair was neatly combed, looked like a gentleman to me. He spoke politely. He smiled at me as he knew me from a long time ago. I didn’t find it mischievous. It was a normal decent smile. I smiled at him and moved ahead. I continued walking.

After passing a hundred meters from the highway, I could hear some footsteps behind me. I suddenly became alert and my mind, really conscious. I wanted to ignore the sounds and keep walking. I couldn’t hold back as the sounds kept coming. So, I decided to look back. It was the same man who smiled at me earlier that evening.

He looked at me. He started to walk along my side. He spoke a few words which I can’t even remember now. I noticed him moving his head to the right and to the left several times. I tried to act normal like I wasn’t noticing anything about him and walked so fast.

When he finally knew we were alone on the road, he quickly grabbed my right arm and pulled me towards the roadside. He covered my mouth with his left hand and threw my school bag on the ground with his right hand. I could neither shout nor scream. I tried to free myself from his grip. But it was so hard for a little girl like me. I was held so firmly.

He started untying my kayra (belt). He ruthlessly removed my tego from the top. Unhooking my komar, he was getting so wild. His face looked like a devil. Soon, he got hold of my kira and threw it away. I tried to hold them. But it didn’t move an inch. I was completely helpless. He pushed me further and grabbed my inner shirts. I could feel the ground beneath my body, it was so rough. Some sharp-edged grasses pricked my tiny body. Even some rough gravels scratched my skin. My legs started bleeding after hitting the ground so hard. It was really painful.

The most terrifying moment was when he finally removed my top and ripped off my underwear. His hands were all over my body. I shouted. I screamed. I remember him slapping me hard every time I did that. My voice became unheard. Nobody knew what was happening below the highway road that evening. I remember him removing his blue jeans, then his underwear. And then he started to rub his body against mine. He thrust himself against me. I couldn’t do anything. Every cell inside my body became numb. I was crying at stretch. I was in pain. Breathless and hopeless, I gave in.

After he was done, I wanted to shout. I kept trying hard. Soon, he took hold of my kayra (belt) and wrapped around my neck. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was pulling at the edges and tightened the knot even further. I was breathless. Tears ran down my eyes. Soon, within a few minutes, my breath stopped. The rapist raped me and murdered me in the end. I didn’t have the slightest idea that my life was coming to an end that evening. But it happened. Just 10 years on earth and my precious life finished.

Looking from here, I find my ama and apa mourning over my death. People are shocked. People are in fear. But of all, the rapist is still roaming in the streets and it scares me to death. May Almighty catch hold of such living devils and give them brutal deaths someday in the name of all innocent victims like myself.

That’s it. It’s heartbreaking, I know. Please be safe and alert, everyone. Monsters are hidden amongst you all. I don’t want you to get in the trap and feel this unbearable pain.

I miss you all so much. Take care.😭

Thank you for your patience.
Bumchu Dechen

Note: The number of rape cases is increasing. The world is no longer safe. It’s getting dangerous. Starting from a minor to an old lady, from a normal guy to a transgender, everyone is getting raped. It’s a sad reality. People are becoming very heartless and greedy. They do not seem to care about others. Just to satisfy themselves, they go about raping and murdering victims around them. How can anyone be so inhumane? How can anyone get so dangerously wild? It’s so sad to see these things happening. The rapists. Are they even humans? Do they even have a heart? No, they don’t have. They aren’t humans. Most probably not. They deserve the worst. They should be caught and penalized. No one has the right to harm others and traumatize them for their entire life. Please be a sensible human. Not just a human without a heart. As an individual, be aware of your environment. Looks can be deceiving too.

Stop rape, stop violence.

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