Different people, Different stories

Life is a journey. It has a series of events happening all the time. As you walk past these moments, you come across different people. It’s like you are touching the lives of many people, directly or indirectly. A part of them becomes a section of your life’s journey on the other hand. Did you ever feel this way?

At a glance, some are brutally rough. They seem cold. You do not like them at all. Not even a little bit. Having a judgemental attitude, you glue to your own perceptions of them being ‘RUDE’. You tag them as someone ‘COLD and UNFRIENDLY’. Such notions take you away from them. They are abandoned and left alone in a corner. You do not attempt to befriend them. If you could erase these mindless thoughts, you guys would be best friends by now. Who knows? You never know the real person without actually trying to know them well. After being with them, they could be one of the best people living on earth. Like literally.

Some people live life by simply faking it. Every day feels like hell but they do not show it on their faces. They may be dying deep down but they deceive people around by wearing a fake smile. They laugh hard but they are actually crying from inside. They try to make others happy but they are already dead inside. Others might find their lives perfect but their life sucks and is killing them every moment. It was never a good life for them. Faking it has covered every shade of depression and agony for them in the crowd.

Such people cry for help but remain calm from outside. They find it difficult to speak out and trust anyone. Keeping all the pain to themselves, they wet their pillows by crying every night within the four walls of their room. Their heart feels so weak and miserable. They find their spirits breaking down. They are caged and deserted. Happy outside but dead inside. This is one of the stories. This is one of the most vulnerable people. Look out for everyone. You never know what’s happening in someone else’s life. Just because you find them bubbly doesn’t mean they are actually happy. Just because they seem rude does not make them cold. Be good to everyone. You must help them. As you do this, you might be brightening their dark life. You can be the reason for their happiness and improvement. You never know.

So help everyone who comes in your way. You can be the light.

© 2020 Tshering Pelden

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  1. Since i have been ur reader…i always been happy n blessed to read ur articles….more expectations ahead…!keep ur talent together…much love from ur frequent reader#Songreep from sikkim..n i wish to meet you one day if possiblewill support u forever..keep inspiring

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