Do it for YOURSELF

Most of you forget your own existence at some point. You do not realize how important you are to yourself and get lost in someone else’s world. You simply wish to do all the things for others. You wish to see someone happy. You want to compose poetries for them to make them feel loved. You want to make handmade cards, expressing what they mean to you. You wish to bake some chocolate cakes with a hot cup of coffee, just to see them smile over. You keep your sorrows and pain aside. You do not look into yourself and work on how to fix the bruises inside. They are fresh yet you manage to keep up with what’s happening around you. You forget that you are someone too. You deserve all the love you wish to give someone. It’s okay to take your own time and let the scars to heal. It’s okay to stay back home and sing to yourself. It’s okay to compose songs, jotting down how everything is crushing down upon you or how blessed you are feeling. You might feel better. It’s okay to bake cakes for yourself. It’s okay to go out into your favourite restaurant and treat yourself. It’s okay to visit a bookstore and purchase yourself some books. Buying expensive gifts for yourself is pretty cool. Pampering your skin is fine too. It’s okay to sleep all day if you feel like your pain is fading away. It’s okay to avoid certain people in your life if they bring negative vibes. It’s okay to do so if it is making you happy in the end. It’s kind of you to think about others. But it’s important to keep yourself happy first to make more people happy around you.

-tshering pelden

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