Do not give up!

Life is moving. Time is passing by. You come across days with strings of moments. You are happy. You are sad sometimes. You feel special. The next moment you feel unwanted. You succeed. You fail too. You experience many different feelings and encounters.Life gets too bitter some days. You feel so entangled in webs of problems. You try really hard. You put all your efforts. But your results aren’t so good. You feel bad. You feel pessimistic. You feel like giving up. You feel dreadfully low and broken. You get these feelings. Right?

When you enter days like this in life, never turn around and give up. It’s okay to break down. It’s okay to feel low. It’s okay to cry and feel hopeless. But it’s really not okay to give up and never try again. It’s not. You can’t be a loser.

Rather than losing hope, be strong and work harder. Failure makes you realize you can be better. Failure is the one to motivate you. Just because you failed once, you can’t stop and simply stare at the sky so blankly. You have the potential to reach the stars. This will happen only if you believe in yourself and continue to work harder. This is possible only if you don’t give up in life no matter what.

Things can get better with hope when it is bitter. You will become stronger when problems surround you. So don’t give up in life. You are a brave person. You can do it.

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