Don’t listen to the BULLY in your head.



Feelings rush in and out. Life is weird. It keeps us strangely hooked. You are happy now. You become sad a moment later. Everything is moving. Time never waits for anyone. It simply goes on and on. With every tick of your clock, life is moving. Your moment now passes by. You don’t realize how precious this moment is, do you? Most of us don’t.

Different shades of life keep you entangled. Happy days make your heart flutter. Every cell inside your body seems so happy and alive. You can feel every breath of positive vibes filling your nerves. You feel so lucky and blessed. You tend to love yourself. *Smiles*

Bad days also enter your life. They stab you so bad. Cells droop low in melancholy. You find problems in every situation. Nothing seems to work out the way you want it to be. It starts getting worse. You curse yourself. You hate yourself. You even hate your life. Life gets miserable. Not a pinch of optimistic feeling is left. You feel totally lost in wide oceans of misery and lost chances.

When heaps of such negative thoughts are inside your head, you get awful suicidal thoughts. You feel ugly. You feel like a complete loser of your life. You feel unnoticed and ignored by everyone around you. All these thoughts kill you deep down. You bully yourself. This bully eats up everything positive in you and drains you out. Feelings are terrible. It becomes indescribable too.

If you get such depressive thoughts inside your cerebrum, don’t listen to it. You can’t let them bully you. I mean you seriously can’t. Rather why don’t be push them away with rays of optimistic notions? They will eventually give up and leave you if you resist them with strong thoughts. Don’t give up. Don’t listen to this bully in your head. If you do, you will land up getting trapped in intangible webs of psychological chaos. So don’t listen.

Pelden: Be good to yourself and don’t torture your poor mind. It can be million times suffocating when it starts to get severe. Love yourself and be happy.

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