Favorite letter of a pregnant lady

Dear Sweetheart,
We loved each other. We still do. And we will forever do this. Years filled with immense love are yet to come. My love for you will remain strong in all days to come.

When you are Pregnant, I won’t allow you to do anything stressful till you deliver our baby. You don’t have to bother about anything. Meaning everything. Let your mind be free of all tensions and anxiety. Don’t be sad. Don’t be stressed. Let’s keep our baby happy when it is still warm inside your womb. Happy!

When you are there watching me move, I will handle everything. Please I don’t want to see you out of bed by 5 a.m multitasking between making breakfast and doing the house chores. You need not do this. I will take care of that. You just watch T.V while I serve you breakfast in bed. Okay? Our baby needs the care and love. I’ll eat along with you to make the baby happier and mom, a little better. Sounds awesome? Yes!

I know you will be going to the hospital for check ups. I will always be available to drive you there myself. When you are comfortable inside the car, I will slowly drive you to the hospital. Once there, I will personally hold you by my hands and safely reach you guys to the doctor. I won’t allow you to drive the car yourself. Your safety is more important to me. You know this. So, don’t argue.

Reaching there, the doctors will advise you to do regular exercises to keep fit. For a fit mom and a fit baby, I will be always there to help you guys. On cool evenings, we will take a stroll around the neighborhood. I will make you remember all those beautiful memories from the past when we used to go for romantic walks. That will be quite interesting, isn’t it? We will walk and laugh.

After I come home from work, I will make sure I buy you enough fruits. You may not eat all but I will keep buying more! I will spoil you with gifts. As the size of your tummy increases; I will buy you new clothes that will fit! You are beautiful in every costume you wear. So, don’t worry! You will surely look gorgeous. In fact more stunning with that beautiful bulge in the front. We will take ample pictures and capture lots of memories. You love doing this and I will do what makes you happy.

You think we are out of food stuffs? Don’t worry! Write a list of the things you feel we need, I will go to the market and buy them. I can’t allow you go to the market. I don’t want people pushing you up and down. I don’t want you to sweat in exhaustion amidst the crowd and bother yourself so much. You don’t need to stress at all. So, I will be the chief accountant and home minister for all these months.

Likewise, I will be your House boy till you deliver! So,don’t you ever worry. Be happy always.

You may be the one carrying the baby physically, but I will ensure I carry the baby with you psychologically with all the love and care I can give.

Lots of love,
Yours Hubby❤

Pelden~ Every girls’ dream to have such a caring husband. Even mine. Seriously.

I know some people will find this post totally useless and unrealistic, but I wanted everyone to understand the pregnant lady and help her every time. Please lend your help. Every pregnant lady deserves your care and help.
And I still feel such husbands exist. I don’t care even if you think they don’t exist.

Since I have many new readers, I decided to post this. It’s one of my personal favourites.

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2 thoughts on “Favorite letter of a pregnant lady

  1. That’s true mother earth can’t give only birth to a useless fellow(husbend)
    Every character is present on this earth.

    Your Article is like a advice and lessons and also Its inspires me a lot

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