Fearlessly, Be YOU!

Being yourself is tough in a world where everything seems to look perfect and fine. You are scared of the world outside. You are afraid of their remarks, their criticisms. You do not have the courage to live with your flaws. They crumple your self-esteem. Rather than embracing your imperfections, you feel ugly and downtrodden. You try every way to hide them from the world. You cover them. It’s hard yet you keep going. You fake things. You pretend more. You lose your sense of individuality. You lose yourself. That’s pretty bad. Like seriously. You are the only one in this entire universe. You don’t appreciate this fact. You don’t love yourself. So, please do not hurt yourself. You can’t lose the real YOU. Be yourself and be happy for who you are. And that’s brave. That’s beautiful.

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5 thoughts on “Fearlessly, Be YOU!

  1. Hashtag ‘be yourself! ‘ I see this everyday on social media and on the internet! It is a very popular phrase. And for some people instead of making them feel better it actually causes them a lot of anxiety. It is not always clear and not always easy. And some people really don’t like themselves therefore they are not sure they want to be themselves. What if you hate you? Every minute, every second wishing you were dead, just being yourself for a second feels like thousand weights crushing your body and the last person on earth you want to be is you? And when someone says,” be yourself” its kind of killing them. You don’t go to gym, you skip showers, eat a lot, doesn’t have a single hobby or ambition, always overthinks, let others push you around like a ragdoll, then how are you supposed to love yourself? How are you supposed to be proud of yourself? When you hate every single cell in your body? I know it’s depressing but sometimes you gotta change to love yourself better. Go to gym, pick up new hobby like writing or music or artwork or flower arrangement, do meditation for 10 minutes everyday, wear nice clothes and get a nice haircut, work on your career. Do every single thing that makes you proud of yourself. Change can be painful but staying the same is even more dangerous to your physical and mental health. Sometimes you gotta change to be the best version of yourself. I m not saying u gotta be the carbon copy of others. But is there someone you admire? A celebrity? A friend? A teacher? Why do you like them? Why do you hate yourself? It’s because of certain qualities they have. Maybe your teacher is nice and kind . Maybe your Friend is charismatic and outgoing. It’s because of these qualities you like them, so in order to love yourself better you gotta cut off your bad habits and adopt new ones that you like in others( friend/teacher/celebrity etc) and naturally you will love yourself better.
    I was one such person who used to hate myself, now I learned to love myself

    1. I agree with you. Thank you for sharing your views. I respect it with all my heart. Yeah, it is better to leave some of the bad habits and adopt good ones for our own good. It is indispensable to love yourself better.

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