First Cut is the Deepest


Yes, every first cut is the deepest. Your first failure. Your first heart break. Your first divorce. It leaves many scars at the back of your mind.

You have been succeeding all the years long. You have achieved a lot through different phases of your life. Your climb above is good. As you climb, your first fall makes you fall so hard. Really down. You are pricked. You feel awful as that failure stabs you. You find it hard to forget about that fall. The first fall gets imprinted.

Your first heart break! Days become months. Months into years. You still remember that person. You still miss that person. It pinches you deep down. Unforgettable memories of the past disturb your train of thoughts. You feel weak with fragile feelings lingering all over you. You are really hurt. But you are left with no choice. You are broken down emotionally. You do not feel like getting into relationships again. Simply a big “NO”.

Your first divorce! After spending years with that person, you are finally left back. Totally broken. Every beautiful memory from your past of togetherness haunts you. You feel traumatized. Everything becomes dull and saddening. You start to lose faith in true love, marriages and trust. You simply find everything dreary.

You see, first cut is the deepest. You feel deeply hurt. You are spiritually blinded with weak emotions. Sick thoughts revolve and leave you entangled in webs of gloomy feels.

Knowing that the first cuts are the deepest, you need to be the strongest. After failing, stand up and fight back. You will fail better next time. You will achieve greater things in life. Just because one person broke your heart and left you, do not remain dormant. Be alive and live life to the fullest. Embrace new people. Deserving people are out there waiting for your arrival in their life. Seriously! So, be cool. Cool things will flow in. Life is beautiful. The cut is deep but you are strong. So, live every moment without any regrets.



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