Gather Your Hopes

Life is a mixture of success and failure. Some days are good. You are blessed with success stories. Every step you take lifts you up in life and you find miracles embracing you. You feel the luckiest. Those days keep you happy and relaxed. You forget that pain and failure too exist.

As you keep on stepping, you sometimes fall into the ditch. You feel deep pain. You get stuck with misery. Sharp spines of failure prick you bad. Nothing seems to be organized. Everything becomes a complete mess for you. Endless threads of apprehension and anxieties form heaps inside your mind of thoughts. You stab your inner being. You lose hope. You give up. You are no longer YOU.

So if you are getting pierced with intense agony right now, you should know that some good days are on the way. You have fallen into the ditch now. Get up and gather hopes. Start walking. Start stepping. Better days will come. Your dark world will become bright with entry of your concrete hopes. Just believe and keep going. You are worth it.

Never lose hope. Collect them and mold your weak body with the strongest positive vibes inside you.

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