Getting Over HIM

You are hurt now, but someday, you are not going to care anymore. There will come a day when you won’t bother to text or call him to check on him. You will be able to go through the entire day without having to curse yourself in his name. You won’t be desperate to see his text on your screen. And you know what? When this happens, you won’t feel weird about it. His name will pop up and you are not going to get upset over him. As you walk in his street, you are going to run into him and you won’t feel awkward at all. Some day, you are going to see him holding hands with some other girls and you won’t be heartbroken anymore. You won’t feel jealous of him and cry about it. Even if you talk to him in person, feelings you once had for him won’t come galloping at your doorstep. As you find pictures of you and him in your old diaries, you won’t find your heart beating in his name. You won’t miss having him around you. Some day, he is going to regret and come back to you but you won’t consider taking him back. He is going to miss you but you won’t find your mind thoughtlessly wondering about him. You will be happier without him in your life. I know you can’t wait until that day comes, but just know that it’s coming. It might not be anytime soon, but it will come and when it does, you are going to see that not giving a damn anymore is the best thing that’s happened to you in a long time. Don’t worry. You will get there. You will get over him.

-tshering pelden

Picture courtesy: KingLens Photography (Facebook page)/ @king_lensphotography (Instagram)

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5 thoughts on “Getting Over HIM

  1. Hi pelden, your writes up are nice, touching sometimes, but I have seen most (almost) of the time writting about romance, love and breakups. Is there any particular reason for taking up that genre.? I mean I am just curious.

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