Good days are on the way

Pretending that you are strong when you are broken deep down is so hard as time goes by. It may be easy in the beginning because people don’t seem to notice the change and bother about your life. You pretend that your life is perfectly good when it feels so meaningless sometimes. You pretend to be happy when you are crying from inside. You pretend to be the jolly one when you actually feel like giving up on life. You pretend all the time. You wear a fake smile. Don’t you feel tired of always pretending to be the happy one from the group? I know you are exhausted. I mean your heart is shattered into pieces, tired and worn-out. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You need you. You can’t be stubborn and make yourself bleed all along the journey. Nurture your broken spirits. Life is mysterious. You never know what will happen next. Let this phase pass too. Hold on, don’t give up. You will be fine. Yeah.

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