GOOD DAYS are on the way

TODAY. What’s so great about it? Someone fell in love today. Some of you were born. Some of you survived a terrible turmoil. Some of you achieved something great today. Some of you won back the love of your life. Some of you survived. Some are healed. Some of you fulfilled your goals. Some of you made your parents proud and happy. Some of you scored lots of goals today. Something memorable and beautiful happened today in some of your lives. Everywhere you go, you get good news. Whatever you do, you complete it successfully. Things are really good. You are very happy. The day became the best day for them.

On the same day, some of you suffered. You suffered a terrible accident. You came across lots of hurdles. You are trapped in thick soup. You are entangled in webs of misunderstandings. You fail badly. Your heart breaks. Your spirit droops down in pessimism. You are so shattered. You cry a lot. You are dying deep inside. Likewise, today must have been the worst day for some of you. Isn’t it?

When such bad days enter your life, just remember that your good days are right on the way. No matter how bitter the situation is, you must keep moving. Never give up in life. If today was the worst, tomorrow will be the best. Always have this optimistic feeling. You will gradually love life and enjoy every phase of your journey.

Just remember that after a bad day comes a good one. Don’t feel upset.

-tshering pelden

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