This story is non-fiction with fictitious names. It’s a guy victim this time. Hope the men readers out there would feel better, at least today for writing on their behalf. Do share.


Hello there. I am Sonam Phuntsho. I am a college student. As a person, I stay quiet most of the time. I am a man of few words. I am an introvert. I hardly find myself going out and socializing with new people. I never start a conversation unless the other person does it. I prefer being alone on most days.

My story began when my final semester came to an end. It was during picnic time with my classmates. Almost all my friends were enjoying and having fun. They were drinking, some shouting and others were talking happily in groups. Amidst the laughter and good friends, I still felt bored. I couldn’t stay any longer in the group. I stood up and went strolling around the forest. It was refreshing and made me happy.

After seeing a big rock, I sat there and decided to scroll down my news feed. As I did, I suddenly noticed a new friend on my list named Wangmo. She was in sunglasses and had long hair. It caught my eyes. To get rid of my boredom, I texted her. Surprisingly, she replied. That was the beginning. Our chats prolonged over time and we got to know each other more. We became good friends within a short span of time. We shared almost everything with each other including our own personal matters. She was frank with me and it made me feel comfortable, talking, and sharing things with her. We were friends for a couple of months.

As time rolled on, I found myself thinking about Wangmo all the time. I could see myself getting attracted to her in many ways. I loved everything about her. She even shared her feelings as well. She too felt the same for me. It was unexpected for both of us. We were in love already. We got into a relationship.

As a couple, we shared every little thing with each other. It was unbelievable to me. I literally found myself talking more and more each day with her. The introvert was infatuated with a girl. Before I always advised my friends to stay away from relationships as it was not the right time. I was never fond of love or crazy love things. But that time, it was me who was in relationship. But to be honest, I was not really serious about it at first. It went on for months. Soon, I started to get serious with Wangmo. I was falling in love in real. It was not just an infatuation anymore. I never thought I would fall in love someday but I did.

One day, she said she shared about me to her mother and she had no objection to our relationship. I trusted every word she spoke. I never really doubted her. I was over the moon. My heart was filled with happiness. Thereafter, I became even more serious about our relationship. I started to imagine having her beside me for the rest of my life. She meant everything to me. She was my source of strength and joy.

As the days went by, my emotions became more genuine. I found myself falling deeper in love each passing day. She ran through my mind every single second. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I just wanted to have her. Only her.As we grew as a couple, I came to know she had expectations from me. She had her own choice for an ideal partner. She wished for someone who had a job and is economically sound. She wished for someone popular and resourceful. She had many expectations buried inside her heart.

Wangmo is an excellent athlete. She participated in various sports. She took part during a national level sports competition held among different colleges. She was one of the best players. To cheer her up on that day, I decided to go and witness the match. I had to cross several mountains and valleys, traveling by bus. Reaching there, I couldn’t see any sign of happiness on her face. She was not paying attention to me after the game. I had to wait for her from dawn till dusk but still no interest in her eyes. Instead of getting happy over my presence, she ran towards her friends and left me aside. She was having fun. I couldn’t do anything. I stayed there standing and watched her having fun with her friends. I felt upset deep inside my heart. I felt abandoned.

Without a proper goodbye, I left that day. She was not bothered at all. I thought maybe she wanted to celebrate the victory with her friends. So, I stayed positive and calm. But something more disheartening happened the following days. She started to ignore me. I texted her all the time and she couldn’t send a reply back. She rejected my calls and never checked on me like before. When she received, she shared about having long hours of conversation with her ex. It killed my vibe. She couldn’t spare some moments for me but she did for her ex. Soon, I even came to know about her affair with another man from a well-off family. It was like her parents liked the guy and she was dating him. She didn’t even care to share about him with me. It broke me completely when I heard that news from somewhere else. She was with a man with a good job and well paid. She left me for someone better and rich.

One way, I was happy for her because she was happy with him. On the other hand, I was shattered completely. I trusted her so much that I never thought she would leave me someday. It was hard for me to believe. My one and only left me in the end. It was a life-changing experience for me. I started to lose hope. I felt lost and helpless. I started drinking heavily. I often broke things and got into unnecessary fights in the bar. Days were miserable for me. Everyone felt bad and scolded me for doing those things. I couldn’t help it.

Even to this day, bruises are fresh in my heart. I still think of her, to be honest. I can’t seem to forget her. She was my first love. Thought she would be the last. So, it breaks my heart as and when I think about her. I can’t seem to move on. Hope she will live a happy life. This introvert will always pray for her well-being and happiness.

Thank you.

Message: It’s important to follow your path no matter what. Go after your dreams, not love which seems real but actually is not. Don’t get distracted along the way. Do not let yourself fall for someone’s sweet words. Do not think everything is love all the time. You never know what people would do in the end. It’s deceiving. Girls are usually blamed for going after wealth and money. As a fact, some really do that. Sadly. But not all girls do that. Some look for your genuine love and kindness. They would simply want your time and attention. Your loyalty and faithfulness. All in all, don’t judge people right away. Some are soft from outside but really a devil at heart. It’s not good to trust anyone easily. You land up getting hurt. Deception has no consideration in genders. It comes from both men and women. Be careful.

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17 thoughts on “His FIRST LOVE

  1. It was beautiful. Going through it, it sounds true that love is built on wealth and success

  2. I really enjoyed your story. Love it.
    It touches my heart when I go through it.
    Stay well n safe

  3. I too know the feeling of the first love like how speciall it is …. And how it feels to loose the first one…. First love is irreplaceble…. I will love him till the end of my life…. U wont belive its been four years when i saw him first but still it feels like i have seen him just yesterday and fallen in love just yestrday only….. I wish kung that u are happy healthy healed whererver u are….. Always in my heart and prayer… Luv❤❤❤ u..

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