If a dog could speak…

Hi humans. I know the time has become really tough now. I have heard people talking about a very dangerous virus called Coronavirus. I have seen many people wearing a cloth piece over their mouths. I don’t know what it is called. There are not many vehicles moving around the highway. The eateries near my sleeping spot are closed all the time. I don’t see people visiting. I don’t know where they all went. There seems to be no sign of humans. You see, we hardly get to see you in the streets like before.

Do you know what’s sadder now? I don’t know what had happened, most of my friends go hungry most days. Some of my friends who lived in big houses are abandoned as well. Some of us are beaten and kicked away like we are the real virus attacking them. There is no peace within ourselves. I can see my friends growling and fighting over small lumps. They are getting more aggressive than ever before. It’s getting dangerous.

We usually used to roam around the streets and feed on leftovers. But now, the food garbages are empty as well. We don’t get to see people who used to feed us before. They have left us now. It’s just me and my groups, loitering around and looking for food. It’s heartbreaking to see our efforts go in vain because there is nothing left us for us to feed on. I don’t know how some of my friends might react to humans after many days of hunger. Sadly, many of them left us already. They couldn’t bear it anymore. No food and water for days. They became so frail and weak. They passed away on roads and some in the streets. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I literally cried seeing their dead bodies lying around the areas where I roamed, looking for food.

As days roll on, it’s getting even more difficult. I can feel my body losing weight tremendously. I am no longer that healthy street dog. I can feel my limbs getting weaker. I don’t know how many days are left for me to stay here. Just countable numbers I feel. It breaks my heart to know this. I am also going to suffer a terrible death just like my other friends.

So, this is my earnest plea to humans. Save us. Save our lives. Many of us are dying of thirst and hunger. If a person could keep a bowl of water on the sidewalk, it could save us. If another person moving out could leave some edible crumbs near our area, it could save lives. If not, you can keep some food and water for the strays like myself just outside your house. Your small acts of sharing and giving could save most of our lives. This period of starvation is getting severe and we need your help. We are dying. We know humans are kind. We look forward to your kindness.Share today and save the lives of my friends.

Sertu (The Street Dog)

Message: Please be kind and feed the strays.

Feed the Strays around your own house or nearby places, take a picture, and upload. Use hashtags such as #FeedTheStrays#Animallover#Careforanimals#ShareLove#SpreadKindess You can tag your friends and encourage others to do the same. Let’s do this.

Do share.

Picture courtesy: @tandinphubz

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