If we don’t talk again, remember I loved you.


Yes. I loved you with all my heart. My feelings for you were never a joke. Days were beautiful with you back then. I cherished our togetherness. Sometimes days were bitter with disappointments. But I always felt better because you were there for me when I needed you. You apologized when you were wrong. You made me feel better in every simple way. Just your small act of love filled my cells with ecstasy.

I wished for your happiness. Because seeing you happy made me happier. I complimented that you look quite really good with your colgate smile. Remember? Yes, I was honest. Smiles and happiness looks good on you. Keep smiling always. Hope you are still smiling with your new life. Huh?

You know what? I used to wait for your calls. Your messages. When you called me, I felt overwhelmingly happy hearing your voice. It never bothered me. Rather I used to make silly excuses just to call you and hear from you. I know you hate texting. But when you did, you won’t be able to imagine how glad I used to feel staring at your name on the screen. Seriously. Every little thing meant a lot for me.

Some days, both of us remained hurt. I made you sad with my stupid texts. I made you feel bad with my nonsensical fairytale talks. I am sorry. Everything was unintentional. Or maybe, I was never good enough for you. You also disheartened me. You ignored me totally after some time. I couldn’t do anything. May be, you felt different about me. Your feelings changed. Your love for me faded away. But mine was still alive. I loved you even when days were bad. I loved you in your worst days. I loved you even when I was deeply hurt. Yes, I did. Believe me, I am not lying.

Slowly, faith took its turn. We were not meant to be together. We had to accept that fact. We parted our ways. You started a new life. And I am here, still stuck with my past. I can’t forget you. I can’t get rid of those feelings. These feelings still remain stuck within my heart chambers. I really can’t let them go. Sad, isn’t it? Afterall, you were my first love. The very first love I’d ever experienced in my life. And I feel sad because I lost my first love.

It is sad. By the way, do you remember me? Or forgotten me already because you are too busy with your brand new life? It’s okay though. You just be happy. I am happy with it.

And yes, if we don’t talk again, remember I loved you. I loved you so much.

Tshering Pelden- Time for something sensational.

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