Let’s not over-generalize things in life!

It’s sad to say but we have this terrible tendency of over-generalizing things. We come to a general conclusion based on a single incident. When something bad happens once, we feel like it might happen over and over again. We make mistakes. We fail. We get rejected. We get betrayed. But we refuse to learn from our experiences. How do we react? We feel we always make mistakes. We look down upon ourselves. Self-pity fills our mind. After failing, we feel we might fail again. We start to feel like a poor loser and give up right in the beginning. We stop trying, out of fear and anxiety. We can’t seem to move on because we feel everyone is same, betraying and breaking hearts. Mulling over such negative thoughts, we fall into depression. We are pessimistic and unsatisfied. So, let us try to stop doing this. Let’s not over-generalize. We need to stop our mind as soon as it starts to wonder about such things. Be positive and live your life. You can’t be unhappy anymore.

-tshering pelden

// D O N ‘T O V E R- G E N E R A L I Z E //

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