Letter to My Dear Future Husband


Hey there!
Where are you right now? I wonder. Roaming around with friends? Or reading a book in a cafe with a coffee? You might be doing something at this exact moment. Somewhere near or may be somewhere far.

When we finally meet, do you think we would have met already in our past? Or we will be completely new to each other? Ha! Ha! No clue.

By the time, my heart falls for you, I will know you as someone with a warm personality. When I do, I will fall for every piece that builds you. Your strengths and weaknesses. Both.

Besides my love for you, you need to accept this mess completely. I am a MESS. A big mess indeed.

I can be clingy at times. I will be impatient. I will be mad sometimes. I can become crazy as well when situations are not parallel. I would love you to accept my flaws. The ugly flaws. For me, I will love you and embrace your flaws happily. Seriously? Yeah! You just need to understand this innocent soul first. We will clear every misunderstanding that comes between us. Once you become mine, you will be mine forever. No joke.

Once I love you, it is obvious that our meets and memories will pile up in my diary. I will scribble down everything. I will write how you annoy me, how you made me feel, what did we do and all. Every small detail will be reflected in my diary. If you too maintained one, I would be the happiest. Wait! Don’t say, “Maintaining diary seems kiddish. Only girls maintain them.” Let us both maintain one and make our fairy tale story come alive later in life. If not interested, don’t do it.I won’t compel you. I don’t want to be someone who will take away your freedom. People hate this. I know. So, no compulsion in any form.

By that time, you will know how crazy I become when it comes to writing. I would love it more if you too loved reading and writing. We will exchange every book on our shelves and read. We will write short notes to one another when something special pops in. We will do everything memorable. And save it.

You wanna go for a ride? I will be there. Starting from short strolls in the park to long drives, I will be present by your side. Adventures filled life? How amazing! You wanna cry? I will be there to give you my shoulders to cry on. You feel lonely? I will embrace you in my craziness and shove away your loneliness.

You want to act crazy? Do it. I won’t mind at all. I will stick to you and make you crazier. You want to play games whole night? Do it. But not always. I want no ignorance. You can teach me. We will play together. We will challenge one another. Fine?

When you need someone to listen to you, I will be there. I will patiently listen to your short stupid arguments to long, deep talks. I swear. I will.

And when we finally have our kids, we will share everything with them. Let them also know how our love story evolved. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? I will complain to them like how annoying you used to be. Sometimes how loving and sweet you used to be. Remember our diaries? We will show them and narrate. They will ask, “Haha! Papa did that with you, mama?” “Mama, why did you love papa so much?” and many more. As and when they ask, we will heartily laugh remembering past. We all will laugh.

As life moves on, we will nurture them into good beings. We will. Okay?

And it is obvious that our lives will be not beautiful all the time. It will prick us. Even stab us. Many more. But let’s not lose trust upon ourselves, alright? We will be together through thick and thin. Our love will grow stronger and stronger. My love will never fade. Likewise, you will be my one and only forever.

So, dear future husband, wherever you are right now, hope you are perfectly good. I have lots of other plans as well. Haha! I will share with you later when you finally knock on my door. I wonder when this will happen. Sometimes, it feels like it will never happen.

With lots of love,

Pelden~ This piece is entirely for fun. Some parts, I mean it.😊

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