Letting go of the PAST.


Life gets entangled. Your past keeps lingering in your skin. Some days, you curse yourself for everything. Past failure haunts you. Failed relationship tortures you. Failed marriage keeps you paralyzed for the rest of your life. You psychologically feel numb with depressive and regretful thoughts from the past. Yeah. You feel stuck. You get these feelings, “I will never be able to get rid of these feelings. I won’t be able to move on now. I am done with my life. It sucks.”

Remembering past, you forget to enjoy your present. You don’t realize how beautiful things are in real. Dwelling in past, you mourn. You shed endless tears and ignore people around you. You don’t find charm in everything you do. Life gets dreary. You lose focus. You are circled with tragic thoughts and demotivating vibes. You don’t seem to find the-way-out. The door is closed and you are still there, staring at the closed door. This is hurtful.

But remember when one door is closed, another door gets opened. A brand new life is waiting for you to embrace. You must let go of the past. Gathering lessons, move on in life. You should walk towards the opened door. Life is beautiful. You can’t always be in past and ruin your present as well as future. You deserve something more than this. Once you let go of your past, you will find doors to every new life. You will be happier this time. I swear you will feel better.

Pelden: Why ruin your entire life just because of your damn past? Let go and move on. Life has lots of offer. Yay!

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