Life as a girl


I am a girl and I can feel shades of different emotions rising inside me. Life is beautiful. But drops of fear too remain scattered around all the time. I feel insecure. I feel unsound. Many girls do not like this life of a girl. They wish. They wish to live a life of a boy.

A girl undergoes painful menstrual cycle every month. Hard for them but a joke for others. She bleeds to death and others find it dirty. Especially those insensible guys out there. They consider a girl ‘dirty’. They say it’s our problem. Girls’ problem. Damn! It’s something very natural. How can they be outrageous? Stop these nonsensical flow and be sensible.
Support them and shut your mind against such stupid notions.

Besides the hard changes of puberty, they are left feeling insecure in this society. And you are responsible as an individual for their fear and insecurity.

As a girl walks in a street, guys in group stare at her. They stare at her with filthy looks. Totally filthy. They throw lines at her to get her damn attention. They take advantage of her solitude. Not just in groups, a single guy can tease her all alone. They do it just because she is a girl.

A guy pretends to fall love in with her. He lets her feelings grow. The sweet lovey-dovey drama filled with flowery phrases like “I love you, baby. I can’t live without you.” and all those shitty words continue till her acceptance point. Her acceptance to spend a night with him. After sleeping with her, he finally decides to leave her. She is kicked out from his life and thrown away like a crushed bottle. Having shattered pieces all over her life, she breaks down and takes her own life. Knowing the bitter reality, the guy does it just because she is a girl.

She is sexually harassed. She is raped. She is tossed here and there like a lifeless doll toy. She is squeezed like a lemon. Her feelings are played with and grinded. She is not a mannequin here. She is breathing the same air. Eating the same food. But she is treated as someone so weak and vulnerable. Everyone takes advantage of her just because she is a girl.

A boy goes out every night. He spends his time roaming around without much apprehension. He acts cool. If a girl wants to go out, the night is very dangerous. “No, you can’t go. It’s risky out at night. Don’t go. Better be home.” She is restricted to go out and spend a night out with her best friends. She is caged inside her four walls. She is restricted to do everything she wants do to just because she is a girl. That feeling of fear in her, a fear in her parents, a fear grows inside our mind. That is because the guys go wild and act wild. It’s you who are doing this. You are letting walls of insecurities to grow for the girls. The guys. The men. It’s you.

There are many such situations where a girl is victimized. Just because she is a girl, she is caged all the time. She can’t do what she wants to do. She can’t wear what she wants to wear. She can’t go where she wants to go. All these can’ts are there because you are acting insensible. You need to change. Girls too have the rights like you. Be the good change and let her breath the safe and sound air. Let her live life happily. She too deserves all her freedom and happiness. Yes, she deserves everything.

If you act wild with her, remember your mother who is also a ‘SHE’. Your mother who took all pain and gave birth to you after nine challenging months of her pregnancy. Remember your sisters. Your aunts. Your wife. Your daughters. You can’t treat them like they are just nothing. You just can’t. Please treat them well. Respect them and make this world a better place to live in for our girls too.

With this note, I personally would like be request especially all men to behave properly and respect girls. Respect women. They too deserve to live happily in this life. They just can’t live in fear all the time. So be the change. Be the change for a better society.

P.s. I am sorry. I am sorry for sounding really harsh here. I did not mean to make you feel offended. I know all guys are not same. There are guys who genuinely respect women and support them. Sorry. And thank you too.

If you have read till the end, ‘Happy International Women’s Day’ to all women and girls.

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