Life Behind a Social Media Curtain

Social media has created a very big impact on the ways people judge others. There are countless moments when you are left starstruck with beautiful pictures of people as you scroll down your Facebook and Instagram feeds. Every time you look at them, you gradually compare yourself with their lives. You start feeling insecure about your look because you have dry skin. Because you have pimples all over your face. Because you can’t seem to lose weight and you are fat. You find others happy all the time through their updates. You think they are simply perfect. You start to feel unhappy because you think your life is not as blessed as theirs. You drown in the ocean of negativity and often land up crushing your self-esteem. It’s sad. It is upsetting.

I may look good in pictures. Sometimes beautiful. However, I too have lots of flaws. Under that layer, I still have pimples. I still have some bad acne scars. My skin is oily all the time. My hair, even though it’s thick and healthy, gets very oily just within a day and I look so messy. I may look a little tall in pictures. But I am short in person. Like I might have to look up and talk to you. But this again doesn’t mean I am so short. Haha. A bit of make-up and touch of my not-so-often-photogenic-glow is giving an extra charm to the picture. I may look even better when it is taken from the right angle. So, don’t be so obsessed that I have a gorgeous look and start comparing yourself with my life. In real, I am just an average-looking girl, short and pimpled-face.

Like my story, there are other hidden stories as well. People show only the happy moments. Who knows that ‘same happy person’ you see online would be the one suffering from a bad depression behind the social media curtains. Couples posting cheesy pictures of their times together would be sometimes having a bad relationship in real life. Filters and Photoshop reality has deceived us many times. You start to compare your damn self with them. You soon hate yourself. Everything looks so good with others. Nothing seems to work well with you. Your heart is downtrodden with thoughts like you are the unluckiest person from all. Oh goodness! You are a blessing in your true self. Pictures and videos posted online do not cover the entire story. There are other parts of the story which can be disheartening and sometimes even so unbelievable.

It’s damaging when you think a lot about how lucky others are and how unfortunate you are. It kills your positive cells and drives you insane. Do not believe in everything you see online. Even if you see it, stop comparing yourself with them. Behind the perfect story, there are lots of imperfections hidden too. Don’t be carried away. Learn to appreciate your unique flaws.

-tshering pelden

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  1. Azhima your articles just makes me so happy whole reading it and I learn many important lessons from them which makes it worth reading .
    Your articles are one of the main reason why I always try to improve my language and writes my own, not so good but enough to read articles .

  2. Your words are like Bluetooth which can be linked to another Bluetooth enabled device.
    So good and context are very easy to be understood.

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