Life goes on…

Life is a journey. You meet different people, reach different places, and feel different emotions as you move down the lane. Seeing and feeling them, you are left overjoyed. You fall in love with every inch that makes your journey beautiful. You smile at things for no reason. You go around and help others. You find positive rays of happiness everywhere you go. Entangled in webs of unlimited joy, your heart is at ease, free of disappointments and heartbreaks. Your mind is at peace without bogging loads of stress and anxiety. You are blessed and ecstatic. As happy days pass by, your life goes on as well. You are moving on to your journey.

When bad days strike, nothing seems to work out. Every second feels like a living hell. You struggle to get up each morning and face the same, ugly day. Heavy heart feels heavier with every challenge you face on the way. Nobody pays attention to you. No one seems to notice your existence and appreciate it. You find everyone stuck with his or her own damn life. The same, boring routine circulates you. You waste time expecting from others. You get jealous over every little thing. Your untamed mind gets greedier. You don’t realize that your life is moving. You land up doing something stupid and outrageous in the mind.

For some people, everything feels numb. Some of you lost your mother. Some of you had your heartbroken by the person you thought would never do it. Some of you have failed the semester. Some of you made life’s greatest mistake. Some of you left home. Some of you got divorced. Days had been really hard for you. You had your heart ripped into million pieces yet you are trying hard to hold on. I know. Some of you are still stuck. Stuck with what’s going in your life. You find no directions. You are clueless and feel helpless. You might be feeling broken right now. Don’t be. Try to gather your positive thoughts back in line and be optimistic. Life goes on no matter what. If you waste time crying over the spilled milk, you will be cutting down many precious minutes and hours of your life. You are at loss. Only you.

So, move on because life cannot wait for you. Life goes on.© 2019 Tshering Pelden

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  1. How come you read my mind and what I really touched the deepest core if my heart la…thankyou for motivation

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