Our life is a journey. A journey filled with beautiful struggles. Every one of us feels happy when days are filled with happiness. As doses of good days settle in your life, you find your heart chambers beating with joy. Your lup-dub phase sounds melodious. You love every moment. “My life is just so beautiful. It is perfect! I feel completely blessed. So lucky!” says your happy mind.

Days are not always smooth. Rough days too enter your life. You feel suffocated. Bitterness pricks every nerve and leaves you hanging at the end. Feel of depression tightens your level of self-esteem. It soon becomes smaller and you feel defeated. You feel like disappearing just like the Genie of Aladdin. “Ewww! My life sucks. I hate it so much. I am terrible at everything. Nobody loves me. I am a complete failure. My life is just very unfair,” says your downtrodden mind. Such depressive thoughts revolve around you. Your heart sadly beats as gloomy days pile up. It happens, right?

You see, your life keeps swinging from happiness mode to sadness mode. A life of pendulum. It is not just happening with you in your life. It happens with everyone. Everyone’s life is made of both sunshine and rain.

So, as challenges knock on your door, do not droop low and just give up in life. You can’t do that. You really can’t. If our life was easy, don’t you think it would be boring? Ugh! Your attitude towards life must be positive. Don’t just think that life is miserable for you. At some point, life becomes miserable for every one of us. Okay?

With positive vibes surrounding you, just face them gallantly. Struggles come across your journey because life knows that you can make it beautiful. Whenever days are bad, don’t be sad. Life is becoming beautiful with struggles. More adventurous because of struggles. More meaningful because of struggles. So, be brave and face them. After all, our life is a Beautiful Struggle.

-tshering pelden

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4 thoughts on “Life is a BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE

  1. M sure there’s no a single person who doesnt inspired by reading ur each article..LOVED ITMUCH LOVE,CARE,SUPPORT FOR YOU PELDEN NANA

  2. Your way of writing gives me inspire in reading and writing. ….keep inspiring other
    Some are in hard time …life is a beautiful struggle. …you are rightly said
    Thank you

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