Life is mysterious.


Life is mysterious.

As you go on, did you ever feel mysterious?  You did, I believe.

As and when you find life beautiful, shades of ugly encounters enter. You are happy now. Suddenly, something awful pops up and you become sad. You are dragged here and there. You are pinched. You are punched with excruciating encounters. Eventually, you are trapped in webs of bitter chaos. You mysteriously feel sad, don’t you?

Life seems so dull. Everything is miserable. You remain shocked with tragedies of life. But then, surprises on the way surprise you even more. Your heart jovially dances to the beautiful tunes of this wonderful life. You love every moment of it.

You see, you never know what will happen the very next moment. Life really is mysterious. Nothing stays forever. Short yet bitter. Short yet beautiful. Be it anything, be positive and be happy. Always smile. Laugh more. Life is too short to be wasted on someone who doesn’t deserve your love. Move on and live life for those people who loves you from the core.

Pelden~ Embrace everything. Life is mysteriously beautiful.❤

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