LIFE is rough, YOU have to be tough.


Life seems to be really quite unfair at times. As journey goes by, you are bogged down with awful inconveniences. It becomes bitter. You are crushed into bits with low self-esteem. The unexpected results prick you spiritually. You are kinda shocked with yourself. You find it hard to believe. All you see are ugly shades of unfairness and misfortune. You tried¬†but you are never rewarded. You worked hard but you are pinched with bad outcomes. You really hate this. You see, life becomes tough. You don’t always get what you deserve. You don’t always get what you were supposed to get. Ironically, things are all messed up. We land up losing hopes and give up in life.

When such days in life hammer you, be calm. It’s okay to face such situations in life. It’s okay to fail. Its okay to score low. It’s okay to get out from your cocoon and act wild sometimes. You get the taste of how one feels when he or she is webbed in such nerve-racking and disappointing situations. You get to be in their shoes. Without all these, your life is actually never complete. It is incomplete.

Now you are in their shoes, try not be feel low. Let the positive vibes fill your cells. You still have thousand chances ahead. You still have the time to mould yourself to fight back all those challenges. You were born to win the battles of your life. You will do it. You can do it. Just believe in yourself and work harder. You have the potential. You have the power to make everything better. In fact, you can always be the best version of yourself with such positive attitude whether you fail or pass. Whether you succeed or get stuck somewhere else. You are always ‘YOU’.

Pelden- Always learn to be tough to pass through this rough life.
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