My long-lost LOVE LETTER


I know you exist. Or maybe you are just alive inside my world of imaginations, bothering me for quite some time now. Inside my head. Yeah? Just maybe. Or you are out of my reach. Completely and indescribably.

You know what? I see vague images of you coming closer. I can’t see your face. You are blurred. It feels like the universe is sending out signals. I find hints here and there. Jigsaw puzzles are thrown all around the area. My heart is in a mess. I can feel it but I can’t reach out to you. I can picture you as someone with the warmest personality. Everyone looks up to you for help. Everyone trusts you. When someone needs your help, you are always there wholeheartedly. Your presence is making things more beautiful. I can feel your vibe connecting mine. This special realization is keeping me warm. I feel the warmth everywhere but I still can’t reach it out to you. You are still the missing puzzle. I can’t figure out who you are. I can just feel it.

When I finally find you, I would have fallen for you by then. Deeply and truly. As in many love stories, ours too would begin as strangers. A total stranger, an anonymous person. I wonder who would be making the first attempt. When would we meet and steal glances for the very first time? I wonder when. Hopefully, you will make the first move and fill the void inside my heart. Please send the signals on the way. I might be able to figure out.

When we get together, you will find me quiet in the beginning. A Sure thing! Almost everyone thinks this way. A simple, quiet girl. After you know me more, you will find shades of craziness lingering around me. You will find flaws in every inch. You will find me with never-ending gossips. Secrets and many more. A completely mysterious package. But don’t worry, I will make sure you love this part as well. Okay?

If faith wants it, we would be together. Being in a relationship with you, I will love you more. We will try out new things together. Like we will go for trekking, exploring new places. We will even visit monasteries and museums together. We will eat meals together. Know that I am a foodie. Damn. Treat me often and make me fatter. Haha. We will share ice creams on hot summer days. We will sit in front of the fire and talk endlessly about life during cold winter​ days. I will be there. I will listen to your senseless jokes to long, deep talks. Wow! I would love it. The list will go on and on. You see, I am stupidly stupid with all these stupid plans. Of all, I wish to support and love you through thick and thin. Breath with you every second of every day.

Love me too. Okay? Leave me never. You are anonymous​ to me. I am anonymous to you. And I hope this anonymity wall will break down. If not also, I will be glad picturizing you inside my mind. I am happy with those vague images of you coming closer to me.

Yours loving,

The Anonymous Girl

© 2020 Tshering Pelden
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4 thoughts on “My long-lost LOVE LETTER

  1. Wow
    I love each line contained in this letter…
    You made me to fall with your writings..
    Keep writing..
    Love to see more♥️♥️

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