Not EVERYONE likes you…

There are days when you find yourself exhausted, trying to convince people why you are like this and that. They don’t seem to understand that you are different, that everyone is actually different from one another. You try to run your life, going along your own timeline. You put your own set of priorities in the front line. In fact, you try to live the life you ever wanted. But people around start judging you. They do not realize that your priorities aren’t same like them. They do not understand the fact that their timeline isn’t synced with yours. So, they go about gossiping, judging and even try to stop you from moving on. When you let them bother you, your mind is no longer at peace. You find yourself feeling bad and pessimistic. You are not happy anymore. So, it’s in your hand whether to let them bother you or not. Whether to pay heed to whatever remarks they make about you or simply ignore it. Whether to let their judgemental thoughts keep you from growing or to move on without wondering about what others think of you. It entirely depends on you. So, whenever people don’t understand the decisions you make in life, don’t be hard on yourself. You don’t have to convince them, wasting your time. You deserve people who won’t judge you but would support you through thick and thin.

-tshering pelden

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