Peer Pressure


As soon as these words strike my mind, a flashback appears. My mind gallops back in time. It was in 2014. I was in grade 10. It was during the morning assembly. The sun was gently creeping out from behind the gigantic mountains. We felt the warmth was slowly scattering all over the place. The rays kissed my cheeks.

My biology teacher, Sir Hari Surendrababu was the TOD (Teacher on Duty) on that day. As usual, there was a morning speech delivered. The student speaker spoke about peer pressure.

After the delivery, Sir Hari supplemented with a beautiful example. He said that every individual is like H2 (Hydrogen). If hydrogen combines with S (Sulphur), it gives out H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide). This gas has got a very pungent smell. As soon as this odour enters through your nostrils, it is totally nauseating like ‘Ewww! What a foul smell it has got!’.

Whereas if this same hydrogen reacts with O2 (Oxygen), it gives out a molecule of H2O (Water). This is the most prominent molecule that makes every chemical and biological reaction easier. It is very useful in carrying out all kinds of daily activities both inside and outside the body.

Wow! I was left dumbfounded. I continued to look at him with amazement. Those words still keep knocking my mind. So, from this wonderfully expressed example, we can precisely make it out that our choice of friends really matters. If they are bad ones, we also get ruined along with them. But here we can at least get out from this chaotic web and even pull them out from this entangled trap. And if our friends are good, they will always help us in every little way. They become the lighting candle that will make our dark and murky lives bright.

The choice is yours. Which one would you choose? Sulphur or oxygen?

Pelden: Never leave bad ones behind. Try to help them and bring them back to right path. Your contribution counts a lot.

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