Pelden loves taking pictures.📷

Photography is something that triggers an entire cell inside my body. I love taking pictures. I really do.
Some people hardly take any pictures. They hate it. They hate to see their presence in the photo. It’s okay. It’s a part of their personality. I can understand this.
Other way round, I am just too crazy when it comes to taking pictures. Photography lifts my heart with joy. Whatever I do, wherever I go, I always try to take some pictures and embed memories in all those photos. I click dozen million times just to capture a sight. A beautiful one. Sometimes an interesting one. Other times the site is really quite surreal and mysterious. I love collecting pictures.
People think I am way too crazy. “Pelden takes hell lots of pictures. It’s unbelievable. I am like ‘OMG’ most of the time.” say they. I simply laugh at their reactions and continue to take pictures. I will always do what I love to do. So, your reactions won’t help. Haha!
Be it during any sorts of gathering, I am always like, “Hey guys! Let’s take some pictures. All of us are present I believe. Lets not miss this chance. I want to capture the moment. I want to treasure this memory. Can we take a picture together. Please? Or let’s take pictures man. Let’s do it..!” They giggle and gradually fall back into a group. We then take pictures. I feel happy.
While visiting places, the alluring scenes always leave a happy feeling inside me. If the mood is right and the time is good, I always manage to take pictures. “Wai..Can you take a picture for me? Please? The sight is mesmerizing. I love it. I would love to capture this awe-inspiring scenario. So, please?” There I keep asking my friends. Quite annoying, ain’t I? I know I am. Besides all these, I also take pictures for them.
You see, this is a part of me. Photography is a part of Pelden. And I am really happy about it. Hope you understand this. Even if you don’t, it’s totally okay man.
Phone storage is filled with pictures most of the time in my case. Once I take pictures, I hardly delete them. I treasure them. I have lots of pictures by now. Many folders are created. “Woah! Pictures load! I will have to save them well now.”  For now, I have transferred the pictures in my thumb drive. Hoping to take ample pictures during my stay out here in Tsirang.
Pelden~ Pelden really loves taking pictures. She really does. And if she ever comes across the love of her life, she would want that interest to be alive in him as well. The love for photography.❤


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