Struggles are blessings in disguise!


No one likes to struggle. Everyone wants a comfortable life. But life is never a piece of cake. It’s a beautiful tragedy. You struggle. You fail. You feel broken. Struggles make you suffocate and become pessimistic. You get pricked from every direction. You feel intense pain. Psychologically, you feel terribly exhausted because your cells are out of positive spirit.

But did you ever realize that these struggles are actually blessings for you in disguise? They tear every part of you. They try to make you weak. But at the same time you are given a chance to become stronger and fight back in life. You get lessons. You gain experiences. All those rough circumstances teach you. It’s always good. You just try to look beyond and embrace the blessings from all your struggles.

So when life throws countless shades of struggle, do not give up. Dive deep into your situation and dig out the lessons. Try to extract better alternatives and be positive. Things will eventually get better.

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