That MOMENT with my CRUSH


During the first few weeks of my college after the break, I suddenly noticed a girl. She was simply beautiful. After noticing her, I started to browse some more information from others about her. Feelings grew as I came to know her more. She was known for her decency and intelligence. She smiled often and greeted people whenever they came across each other. She really was the real charm among any other girls.I wanted to speak my heart to her. I really wanted to. I just couldn’t hold all those feelings inside.

During one of those college days, there was a program organized. Interested students had to come and take part. I went with a hope to see her. And guess what? She came. She was there, sitting in that same row where I was sitting. What a beautiful coincidence, I thought deep down. I was really happy. I couldn’t help myself from looking at her from the corner of my eyes. I looked. I hid myself. I looked again. I hid myself again. She noticed me doing that several times. I felt nervous. I was really nervous. Seriously man.

Soon amidst those butterflies buzzing inside my stomach, the program ended. All students were getting out from the wall. She also walked out with her friends.

Following her group, I bravely went up and faced her. Faced all her friends who were staring at me.

Mixed feelings stirred inside my nervous heart. However, I started the conversation.

Me : Hey, your name is Selden, right?

She : yes, but who are you? ( She asked that question with more curiosity after seeing me stare at her in the hall earlier.)

Me : Haven’t you seen me before?

She : Nope

Me : Okay. I want to talk to you in person. Can you come to that corner? That bench over there? (She smiled with her friends and came with me to that bench where there was no one.)

I started the conversation again.

Me : Thanks for coming here with me. So, I am Tshegyal, third year; Civil Engineering. I saw you in the assembly during the first few weeks of college. I hadn’t seen you before. Think I am interested in you. I haven’t said such stuffs to anyone till now. You are my first love. I am damn crazy about you and your personality. I can’t stop these feelings from growing.

She : What do you want me to say now? (She laughed a lot. She laughed as if something really hilarious just happened in front of her eyes. Haha!)

Me : Just say what you thought. Just what you feel.

She : I am sorry. ( She looked sorry.)

Me : Okay. I am not shocked to get a ‘no’ from you. I would be shocked in real only if you would have said ‘yes’. There is nothing wrong in saying no. I mean it.

She : I really am sorry.( She bowed her head and remained quiet.)26907719_923949804435338_1980022170261612059_n

Me : ( I bowed down in front of her and looked at the ground. Building in more guts, I moved my head up and looked into her eyes directly.) Don’t be, Selden. Let’s get to know each other for some days. If you feel the same after that, I won’t disturb or ask you anything like ‘be friends’ kinda stuff. I promise.

She : Okay, Tshegyal. (She smiled heartily. She was feeling better.)

After some time, around half of the students coming out from the hall stared at us, also her friends were waving their hands, shouting something from a distance.

Me : ( I stood and become conscious of that particular moment. I looked at the people and back to her. I smiled at her.)
Lots of students are already out now. You must be feeling uncomfortable. You may leave now. Even your friends are waving at you. Thank you for your time.

She : Okay then. See you next time.

( after saying this, she smiled and ran to her friends. All were laughing like seeing a Jim Carrey movie.)I sat there on the bench. I rewinded the button and looked at my actions, I laughed. I smiled. And I even loved that very moment because I got to talk to my first crush, my first love.

Looking back at those days, I still smile. Even though the answer was a ‘no’, I kept trying. I never gave up on her. Now, I am the luckiest because she is my dearest wife, my all time supporter. I am blessed with her in my life

Pelden- Time for a happy realistic fiction.
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