The Bookshop


It all started when he asked me if he could delve through my shelf. The one near where I was standing. The first time he asked to be excused. I did not notice him well. I was busy flipping through some pages of the book I was holding.

He asked again. It was during that time, I noticed him well. He wore a black hood. His hair was messy. Little curls looked bouncy at a glance. He wore a round spectacle. His blue eyes stared at me through the rimmed glasses. He asked me again. I appreciated his courage. His courage of asking a stranger the same question several times.

Raising my eye brows, I looked at him. His blue eyes were still staring at me. He slowly moved his glance towards the book I was holding in my hands. Finally he asked, “What are you reading?” I was quite surprised again. I prayed that it was the book that called him near me. Holding up the book so that he could read the title ( Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire) I asked, “Did you read this book?” He smiled. “What do you think brought me towards this shelf? That’s one of my favorite Harry Potter series.” said he. I couldn’t help but just smiled. That kind of incident never happened before in my life. It was strange. It was beautiful.

After knowing that he was a voracious reader, I wanted to have the conversation. I continued. “Can you tell me what’s so good about it?” He widened his grin and replied, “J.K.Rowling is a good story teller. I love all her Harry Potter series. All are mesmerizing. Things are incredibly expressed with wide ranges of imaginations. I have read the first six series including the one you are holding right now, Goblet of Fire. They are awe- inspiring. Really interesting!” As he spoke those words, I could see in his eyes how magical he found the series to be. Moreover I agreed with him.

Soon we settled ourselves on a bench. It was near the shelf. I asked, “It seems like you really love reading. Do you write too? I mean do you like writing as well?” He was surprised with my sudden change of question. But smiled again. Rolling his deep black eye brows, he slightly nodded. “Yes, a little. I have few collections of poems. Mostly romantic ones. Do you write too?” He threw the question back to me. “Woah! Poems. That’s nice. You are a poet too besides being a reader.” My face gleamed at him. I deeply appreciated him to be honest. “About myself. I also write. Unlike you, I write articles. I just have very few number of poems.” I smiled looking into his eyes. He expressed his appreciations. “Wow! Is it? That’s good. We both write. When you write, do you let little of you into the story?” He asked with inquisitive eyes waiting for my response. He instantly made me think. I realized I most definitely did. My shades were reflected. Not all but few. I didn’t have any other answers except ‘yes’. I chose to nod. “Yes, I do. I sprinkle some little parts of me into the main story when I write. But not all the time. It depends. Haha” replied I. I giggled. He laughed and nodded. He agreed with what I said earlier.

In between the conversations, I soon came to know his name. He is Lhawang. He takes up journalism as his core course. I was glad. We both shared same interests and passion.

As time ticked by, he asked me for my Facebook profile name. I gave him my profile name. He added me instantly. “Thanks Seday! I will visit your timeline when I am home. We can always keep contacts. For now, I want to wholeheartedly engulf this moment with you.” I smiled sheepishly. We shared our thoughts on various books and authors. He seemed more interested as conversations went on.

It was getting late. And suddenly I got a call. It was mom. She asked me to come home. So I stood up from the spot and gestured him that it was mom and I need to go home immediately. And guess what? He also stood up and ran towards the book counter. He waved his hands and signaled towards me to wait a bit. Soon after few minutes, he ran towards me with a book in hand. “Here. I have nothing special to give you. Let me present you this humble gift on our first special meet. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. You will love this book. It’s a beautiful novel.” He handed the gift to me. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t say no as he was genuinely gifting that book to me. So I smilingly got the book from his hands. As I opened, I saw his message, “Keep reading. Keep writing. We will meet in future with more beautiful encounters. I will always remember this bookshop incident. With warm regards, Lhawang.” I smiled widely at those words and then at him. Thanking him, I soon left. As I did, he kept looking at me. I threw smiles on his way and happily got out from that spot.

Strangers with beautifully memorable memories.




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