The Flowing Life

Liife keeps on moving. River keeps on flowing. It follows the route and moves down the lane.

The river? It flows down the mountain, through the valleys. It looks beautiful, isn’t it? It really does. As it flows, the river comes across lots of boulders. Even some huge rocks, small pebbles, other logs and materials. The flow is disrupted. But it keeps on flowing. It does not remain stuck there.

Sometimes it reaches a gentle slope where the flow is prominent and beautiful. It gets easy for the river to move down and follow its route. Likewise, with hurdles, the flow continues. Right from the source, it moves down and settles peacefully in vast seas and oceans. The river will not flow back to its source. Never!

Life is like this flowing river. It keeps on moving. Seconds tick. Hours pass by. Days go by. And slowly years get piled up. You are growing old. You face huge boulders like challenges in life. Sometimes things get easy for you. It is a mixture of quick and slow motions. You make mistakes. You make memories. None of them can be brought back to life. Even a single second cannot be pulled back and used. It is not possible. Time ticks continuously. Life goes on and on. You can’t go back to past. Every second counts. Every moment needs your attention.

So, knowing that life is just like this flowing river, always treasure moments. Your present moment. Don’t live life in stress or anxiety. You are wasting time. The wasted time will never come to you and ask you to use it again. Never! So, be good and do good. Live life happily because every second is counted.

Pelden- Life is flowing, flow with glow. Don’t waste your precious time because your every move is taken into consideration.😊

© 2020 Tshering Pelden

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