Life is strange. It comes by once and passes away so quickly without much notice. You are happy today. You become upset tomorrow. You were heartbroken yesterday. You feel loved today. Different circumstances enter your life. You feel diverse emotions swirling around your mind.

As you go through this journey of life, sometimes you get so stuck. Stuck with your past. Your past memories haunt you time and again. Your thoughts from the past keep you confused and broken. You are left there like a mannequin trying to survive in this materialistic life. Heart sinks with sadness. Your eyes swell up with thick layers of tears. You are psychologically bruised and pained. All these depressive thoughts make you suffocate. You forget to remember you have your ‘PRESENT’.

Forgetting the past, you are so much worried for the unseen future. Anxiety fills every cell inside your body. You are stressed. You are feeling anxious. Your mind is occupied with many paranoid thoughts. You do not find beauty in your PRESENT. You forget it even exists.

You are in your PRESENT. But all you do is think about past and future. That’s sad, isn’t it? You do not value your ‘Right-now’ moment. You simply waste them with regrets and apprehensions. You do not realize that your ‘moment now’ will become a ‘moment-before’ in flicker of seconds. You can’t rewind this very moment. Once gone is forever lost. Did you ever realize this?

Enjoy your moment now. I understand life gets so hectic sometimes. You are lost in the world of human machines trying to do something. Time seems so less and your workloads so vast. Like a workaholic, you try to keep up everything in line. But you forget one thing. Your present moment is passing away and it’s not going to come back to you again. Deleting memories, piles of files keep increasing. You become a robot who is just meant for working. You even forget to live life fully.

So cherish your PRESENT even though your life looks like a complicated maze. Take some time out and be with your loved ones. Take a break and give yourself a treat. Forgive people from the past and be good to everyone. Do not stress a lot about your uncertain future. Believe in yourself and do things on time. Just do it right now.

And if past never seems to leave you, try your best to gather lessons from it. If future isn’t getting rid of your mind, don’t forget to enjoy your present in a productive way.

Pelden: Life is uncertain. Do not forget to enjoy your present. PRESENT is after all the gift of TODAY.

© 2020 Tshering Pelden

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  1. Dear Auhtor,
    The style of your English language is amazing and your thoughts and ideas to convey others are brilliant So i am thinking, i dont know whether you wrote a book or not if not why don’t you start writing a book…you have great destination and keep writing..I really loved your stories and all written stuff by YOU la…FUTURE AUTHOR

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