To the New Guy

Dear YOU,
I am happy to have met you. My days with the old one had been great. I want to make yours the best. I mean it.

Before I embrace you completely, let me tell you about the old one. He was always there for me. When I was sad, he was there to cheer me up. He motivated me to do better. Be more positive and let things flow beautifully. I am grateful to him. I am glad that I came across him. I am sorry! Don’t be sad when I talk about the old one. I want you to know everything.
Don’t worry! I will make sure I don’t disappoint you. Everything will be brand new. I will share every tiny bit of secrets. Beautiful days are waiting for us to embrace. We will never hide anything from each other. Dikpay? We will gather packets of memories and carry them. In future, when we look back, smiles and laughter will trigger us both. That will be amazing, isn’t it?

About the memories, I will treasure them all. Starting from stupid gossips to long, deep talks, I will share them with you. Try to memorize some good ones for me, na? Even bad ones will do. You know I forget things so easily. Remember stuffs that I shouldn’t be remembering. Sad me but I am lucky that you bear me no matter what. Thanks for bearing this cactus!

Days will be not always bright and beautiful. We might sail through boats of sadness. Sometimes loneliness. Even ignorance. When such ordeals strike us, let us be strong and understand each other. Love more. Don’t misunderstand. Please! I know how it feels to be completely misunderstood by someone you trust or love.

When days are bad, I might cry. Cry endlessly. Soak your shirts completely with my thick tears. I am sorry if that ever happens. Sorry in advance.

When I am overwhelmed and happy, I might throw kisses of happiness on your cheeks. Don’t feel shocked. Ha! Ha!

When I am lonely and left out, I might hug you. Hug you so tightly. Bear with me till the end. Okay?

Looking forward to some best days of our life. Together till the end.

I love you so much.
Much love,

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