When your GIRL gives up on YOU

You broke her heart. You made her cry. You pricked her all those days. And finally, when your girl gives up on you, you are not the same person for her. She was once very lovey-dovey. She is no more like this. She never tries to catch hold of your attention. Remember she fought for you all those days? She no longer fights for you. She takes no interest in pleasing you. She hardly cares. You guys used to talk over the phone with endless conversations. Infinite calls and messages. Everything felt like an eternity for a moment. Later, when she finally gives up on you, she does not respond. Even if she does, she does it very quickly. Short! She no longer tries to prolong the conversation.

Did you ever realize that she cared a lot? She visited your timeline a million times just to see what you have updated. To look at how everything was with you. Now, she does not visit your profile on Facebook. She does not look for updates from your Instagram account. She stops staring at your tweets from your Twitter account. She just stops stalking you completely. Her notifications hardly pop in your account. Her messages rarely appear in your inbox. Interactions weaken.

She used to become jealous of seeing you with other girls. You found that cute. When she finally gives up on you, she is no more jealous. You are with some girls, she doesn’t care. You hang around with hot girls, she doesn’t care. You are in a new relationship, she doesn’t care at all. She shuts her eyes and ears from your world. She cared for you a lot. Remember all those days? Now, she does not care if you have eaten or if you are hurt. She tried every way to make you smile, to make you happy. Now, she gives up trying to make you smile and feel loved. She gives up on trying to make you love her.

She realizes she deserves someone better. Someone who knows her worth. Someone who will care for her the way she cared for you. Someone who won’t let her give up on him. Someone unlike YOU. And when that happens, you will miss her. You will miss how she cared for you. How she loved you. You will miss everything. Sadly, she will be gone by the time you realize. You lost her. You lost someone who loved you.

So, when a girl finally gives up on you, she tries every way to come out of your life and adjust in her own world.

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  1. Wow. its so beautiful
    Keep amusing us with your writings dear.
    Full support
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