Your insecurities!

Life is a journey. You go through different phases. You feel different feelings. Out of all kinds of feelings, insecurity is one of them. As you enter your teenage years, you start to experience many changes. Both physically and emotionally. Your body changes. Your thoughts grow. You become sensitive about everything. Puberty hits you hard.

Coat of stereotypical layers cover your head and prick you bad when it comes to accepting your own body and mind. Seeing daily updates in Instagram of pretty, skinny girls give you notions like ‘I also need to be thin like them. They are so gorgeous. I can’t be fat. People will tease me if I am carrying these extra lumps of calories.” Movie stars make you wonder of having a perfect body figure and the best skin complexion as a goal. Looking at the stunning models of fashion magazines keep you glued to the idea of being beautiful just with a clear skin and zero figure. You get accustomed to such thoughts.

Misconceptions fill your brain. As you look around, you slowly compare yourself with others and start finding flaws. Even people tease you for having the flaws and call you by different names. They call you ‘Tong tong, chay thay, pentang, changlu, dwarf” and many more. Your self-esteem collapses. You no longer feel good in your own skin. You feel like getting out of your skin and faking everything. Faking and torturing yourself is what you land up doing. You skip your meals all the time. You buy expensive creams and do chemical treatments to make your skin good and clear. You try everything to make it happen. You feel pain but take it as a joy to make it worth it. Your tummy is growling but you skip your food and try to do something else to get rid of hunger. You have moles on you face and you put in every penny to take them out in a surgery. You have pimples all over and you start applying every ingredient around you to cure it. You do a lot. Insecurities grow. You feel terrible about your own self.

You do feel insecure, right? Everyone goes through this phase. It’s a dreadful feeling. When such thoughts come to you and hit your self-esteem, be sensible this time. Just because you see skinny models in magazines and social media sites, it doesn’t mean you also should be like them. You are ‘YOU’. You are a different individual with your own set of qualities. You look beautiful with your chubby cheeks. Gaining weight and looking ugly is what makes you feel bad. They made you think like this. You are beautiful even when you are fat. Acne makes you look awful at times. But it’s not permanent. They will leave you sooner or later. You will be fine. You are still ‘YOU’ with pimples dotting your face. You have a pointed nose? Dark skin? Frizzy hair? Don’t be upset. You are still beautiful with them. Everyone has flaws. It’s not just you. Embrace your imperfections and be good to yourself. Your soul needs better care.

Physical beauty counts. But more than the outer skin, your inner beauty speaks. With the purest soul, you always look beautiful. With a radiant smile on your face, you look beautiful. In fact, when your personality is good, it simply outshines everything. You do not fail to look amazingly beautiful.

So, do not let others crumble your self-esteem. You are beautiful just the way you are. Fall in love with your body and self, rays of confidence will glow on your face. Your soul will feel better. You will feel good about yourself. You will start loving everything around you. When this happens, happiness will automatically cuddle you. You will be a happy person, spreading joy and positive vibes everywhere.

And yes, please never tease others and make them feel insecure about themselves. You never know your one comment can result into something so damaging for them. You do not help them grow. You make them feel low. So, don’t do it.

Pelden: I want to let you know that you are beautiful just the way you are. Okay?

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  1. I have read every story’s u have shared pls do share more and thank u for sharing story’s and opening world’s for them who are not able to speak

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