Your LIFE STORY is short yet BEAUTIFUL

Yes. Our life is short. It lasts for few decades. If lucky, you live for a century or more.

As you live, your moments pass away. Pass away like the flowing river from a serene mountain top. And do you realize this? Do you realize that your life is moving with you? It does not stop either while sleeping or thinking. It just moves.

As you flip through chapters of your life’s story, you meet different people. They have diverse personality. Each one of them plays a role in your life story. Yes. They do. Some characters are there right from the beginning till the end. Some will emerge in the middle of your story and be a part of you. Some will come and go. Some will come and stay forever. In all these encounters of your story, your life becomes beautiful. You learn from them. They learn from you. Memories cling to you and you feel good about everything in life. Some come as blessings in disguise. Embrace it and let it go when their part finishes in your life story.

As your story revolves, your feelings and emotions are unique. Just by seeing a charming guy standing by, you get those butterflies inside you. By seeing something scary, goosebumps grow and let fears web you around. Seeing someone happy, happiness accumulates within your heart chambers. Seeing your mom cry makes your heart feel the pain and cry along with her. Beautiful, isn’t it? All feelings are uniquely special.

The setting of your story. The nature’s warm hands cuddling you. Green carpets laid down for the organisms. Starting from the seed growth till how it blossoms with magnificent colours and patterns, everything is beautiful. From mountain tops to deep valleys, things are strangely wonderful. From small huts to tall buildings, the architectural designs are elegant and stunning. You just observe, you will start finding beauty even in the smallest ants. Believe me, you will.

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