Your THINKING matters.


Life is made of endless thinking. You think every second of your life when you are wide awake and blinking. Yeah? Or you don’t think at all? I guess you are not a mannequin here. 

What you think and how you think matters a lot. Right from dawn, if you let negative vibes to fill every nerve inside you, your entire day will be not so good. Because the negative chills inside you will freeze the positive cells and make negative feelings grow. You are either so upset or annoyed with something. You don’t feel like doing anything. Frowns spread across your forehead and you’re not in a mood to face anything. Nothing amuses you. Even interesting session seems boring. You are like a lifeless robot wanting to feel nothing.

Something bad happens. Someone says something awful about you. Or nothing works out as you plan. You fail. You are shattered. You are ignored. Nothing goes right. When such things happen, how do you usually react? What is your first thought about it? You are upset. You become pessimistic. You get a feeling of giving up right away. You feel you will never succeed. You feel you are ugly and people always point fingers at your pimpled face, rough skin and oily hair. You lose your self-esteem. You are usually like this? ‘Aww-I-am-nothing’ kinda feeling increases within you. And eventually you become sad and broken.

On the other hand, you become happy when you think positive and let things move on. “I failed because I can learn better and perform well next time.” “She said this. May be because she wants me to improve.” “They are like this. May be because they are like that only. We must accept.” You collect positive notions. You get better feelings. Your mood is not spoiled unnecessarily. You are still happy. You are still you. You improve in fact. You become a better person. You are happier.

So yes! Thinking matters!
You be positive. You live happily.

Picture courtesy: Photo by Inna Lesyk on Unsplash

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